Alison Rabil

Assistant Vice Provost and Director
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Phone: 919-684-6225

I began work in financial aid in 1989 at Columbia University’s Law School in NYC, managing their public interest loan forgiveness program. I worked in financial aid at Columbia until 1998, when I moved to Seattle to work at the University of Washington’s Carlson Center for Leadership and Public Service. I came back to NY to continue work in service and decided in 2002 to return to financial aid at Columbia. In 2004, I became the Director of Financial aid at Barnard College, my alma mater, and moved from there to my current position at Duke.

I did not grow up thinking, “I want to work in Financial Aid,” but I have found that it is a good place for me and what I like to do. I am passionate about access to education. I am organized (so I don’t mind all the rules that come with this job) and enjoy a challenge. My mission is to be fair, accessible, open minded, and as generous as possible given the parameters within which I must work. I see myself as an advocate and a voice for those who cannot afford the full cost at Duke, and I work to ensure that our concerns are the concerns of the University.

We are here because you are here, and our job is to ensure that each student who is accepted can choose us, and that each student enrolled can take full advantage of the wonderful opportunities available at Duke. I love working with families and students and encourage you to contact our office with suggestions, concerns, and any questions you may have.

Assistant Vice Provost and Director