Can I apply as an early decision student if I need financial aid?

If Duke is your first choice and you are admitted, we want you to be able to attend—and we realize finances are a big part of that. You can apply early decision if you are willing to forgo comparing Duke’s financial aid to financial aid offers at other schools. We will provide an estimate with your Early Decision Admission packet if all of your financial aid materials are complete by the deadline. The estimate you receive will include your actual family contribution for Duke; we refer to it as an estimate only because we do not yet have the exact cost of attendance for the upcoming year at the time the letters are issued. However, if Duke's cost increases, your financial aid will increase by the difference in charges, so you can plan ahead based on the letter you receive from us in December.   

You will reapply for aid each year, and your aid will be adjusted annually based on your updated household and tax information. If your income, assets, and household circumstances remain similar, you can expect similar levels of aid each year.