Does having a sibling in college change my financial aid?

It may.  If you are eligible for need-based aid and have a sibling enrolled as a full-time undergraduate at a four-year institution, your parents’ contribution may be less.  We assume your parents will have to split available funds between you and your sibling, so while your sibling is enrolled in college, your aid award may be greater.  If your sibling drops below full-time, graduates, attends a two-year college, or attends graduate school, that sibling will no longer be counted, and your Duke grant aid may be reduced. 

Note that the above information applies to households who qualify for need-based aid with one student in college.  For those who do not receive need-based aid with one student in college, adding a second student does not automatically guarantee a family will qualify for need-based aid.  Aid eligibility is dependent on the family's calculated ability to pay (also referred to as calculated parent contribution) as determined by the FAFSA and CSS Profile. Duke does not offer automatic discounts or tuition reductions based on the number of students enrolled in college.