Financial Aid, Student Loans, the Bursar, Cashiering…who does what and how do I know who to contact for what I need?

  • The undergraduate Financial Aid office reviews your financial aid application and creates aid awards with grant, loans, and other types of aid. If you have questions about the aid you are receiving, reach out to Financial Aid at, or contact your financial aid counselor.
  • Student Loans helps you understand your student loans and can help you manage your money. If you have specific questions about loan types, loan repayment, or the best loans for you, reach out to the Loans office.
  • The Bursar creates your Duke bill and is responsible for adding individual charges. If you have questions about specific charges on your bill, contact the Bursar.
  • Cashiering is the office that accepts payments made to Duke. If you need to make a payment (or submit an external scholarship check), you will send this to the Cashiering office. 


If you have questions, we're happy to help you understand who can best answer them. Please email us at or call us at 919-684-6225.