My parents are divorced. Whose information will you need, and does this impact my aid?

We need information from both biological/adoptive parents, even if they are divorced.  Eligibility for aid is based on the expectation that both parents should contribute financially to their child’s educational expenses; therefore, both the custodial (sometimes referred to as "Household A") and non-custodial parent (Household "B") must submit financial aid application information to Duke.  The custodial parent (Household A) should complete the FAFSA and the CSS Profile. Household B (or the non-custodial parent) should complete only a CSS Profile. 

A separate contribution is calculated for each parent and added together to determine a total family contribution.  If either parent has remarried, any spousal income information will be excluded from the analysis. 

In rare circumstances, Duke may waive the requirement for non-custodial/Household B information.  If you have extreme family circumstances that prohibit one or more of your parents from completing the aid application, you should complete an application to waive that parent's information by completing the noncustodial waiver application on our forms page