My student is considering underloading (dropping below four credits). How does this impact financial aid?

If a student takes at least three credits during a term, your financial aid will not be impacted.  However, if a student takes fewer than three credits, aid will be prorated based on the reduced tuition charges and book expense.  Your family contribution will remain the same, as will the budget for housing, meals, and miscellaneous expenses.  Aid will be reduced by the same amount as the reduction in the tuition charges and book costs.  This means that for some need-based aid recipients, there is no financial advantage to taking less than a full-time course load since your family contribution does not change.

Please note: If a student takes less than two credits, he or she may no longer be eligible to receive federal loans and certain types of grant assistance.  To find out how financial aid may be impacted if your student will be attending less than two credits, contact us.