What is the College Board IDOC service? How do I know what documents to send and when?

Some applicants may be asked to submit tax information. If you are required to submit your taxes, you will receive an email from the College Board IDOC service after you complete the CSS Profile. Additionally, your Duke financial aid To-Do list will be updated after your Profile is received to request these additional documents. 

The IDOC service is a secure platform that collects all required financial aid documentation on Duke’s behalf, including  tax returns, W-2s, business returns, and any other supporting documentation we may have requested from you and your family. Once the CSS Profile is complete and submitted, the College Board will email instructions on how to submit the documentation online. Once the requested documents are received by IDOC, electronic copies of your information are sent to Duke for review, and we'll updated your To-Do list to indicate we've received your information.