What is the financial aid application process for undocumented and DACA students?

  1. Undocumented and DACA students should first complete the College Board’s CSS Profile form. For applicants, the fee is waived for those who already have an SAT fee waiver or who qualify based on income. If you are prompted to pay the fee and cannot do so, please contact our office.
  2. Once the Profile is complete, you may receive an email that asks you to submit US tax returns and W2 forms to the secure College Board documentation service called IDOC. If you or your parents did not file a US tax return, you can submit the non-filer form available on the IDOC website if additional documentation has been requested. Note: Not all applicants will be required to take this step.
  3. If you have a noncustodial parent, he/she should also complete the CSS Profile. If additional documents are requested of your noncustodial parent, those may be submitted to the College Board IDOC service as well.