When will I hear how much financial aid I will receive? Is there any way to know sooner?

If you meet the application deadlines, your aid will be ready for you to review in your Admission packet.  See the chart below for specific dates. If you'd like to estimate your aid in advance, we encourage you to use our Net Price Calculator.

Early Decision

Date Items Due
Nov 15th CSS Profile, Noncustodial Profile (if applicable), and FAFSA application due
Nov 15th

Taxes and wage statements for custodial parents sent to the College Board IDOC service.

Taxes and wage statements for noncustodial parents sent to the Karsh Office of Undergraduate Financial Support

December Early Decision Aid Estimate Available with Admissions Information

Regular Decision

Date Items Due  
February 1st  CSS Profile and Noncustodial Profile (if applicable)  
February 1st FAFSA due  
February 1st 2015 taxes due to IDOC (custodial parents) or the Undergraduate Financial Aid Office (noncustodial parents)  
April 1st  Regular Decision Aid Awards Available with Admissions Information