Summer School


If you are receiving institutional need-based aid during the academic year, no separate summer financial aid application is required. For the Summer 2020 Session, students may receive aid even if they have already used their two terms of summer eligibility.

For more information on the temporary changes in financial aid for the Summer 2020 Session, please see the FAQs below.


Duke Summer Session


Summer Cost Determination

Determining your summer session grant aid is easy: simply multiply your annual parent contribution (displayed in DukeHub) by 25% and subtract that from the total cost of attendance. The result is the amount of grant you'll receive from Duke.

*You can find your annual parent contribution on DukeHub under the financial aid tab. Summer Session I uses your parent contribution from your 2019-2020 aid application, and Summer Session II uses your parent contribution from your 2020-2021 application. Since most students don't have their 2020-2021 aid offer yet, you can use the parent contribution from the current year for a rough estimate, provided your family's income has remained similar from year to year. You can calculate your cost of attendance using the chart below. Note that your cost includes things that you won't be billed, which means you'll owe Duke less than the parent contribution you calculated above.

To calculate your cost of attendance, add up the cost for your tuition and fees as well as living expenses, food, books, and personal expenses using the chart below. 

2020 Summer Session


The costs for Summer Sessions I and II in 2020:

Expense Type Cost
Laboratory course $3,200
Non-lab course $2,500
1/2-credit class $1,250
1/4-credit class $625
Student Health Fee $147
The following costs are considered when creating your financial aid offer but are not billed by Duke  
Budget for utilities at home/cable/phone/etc. for 1 session* $818
Summer Food for 1 session** $457
Books/Supplies (per course)** $179
Personal expenses* $247

**Note: These figures represent averages and estimates. Your actual cost may vary since these costs are not billed by Duke for Summer 2020.

Example: If you take 1 lab course, 1 non-lab course, and a 1/4-credit class during a traditional Summer Session, then your cost of attendance would be:

Expense Type Cost
Laboratory course $3,200
Non-lab course $2,500
1/4-credit class $625
Student health fee $147
Housing* $818
Meals* $457
Books/Supplies (2 courses)* $358
Personal expenses* $247
Total Cost Considered to Create Your Aid Offer $8,352
Cost Actually Billed by Duke (tuition & fees) $6,472

*Note: This figure is an estimate based on the cost of a dependent student living at home. If you will be paying rent during the summer while you are enrolled in coursework at Duke, you can provide a copy of your rental agreement showing your monthly payment to request an increase in your housing budget to the standard rental amount. You can contact your financial aid counselor to initiate the review. 


Summer 2020 FAQs