Summer School


Students receiving need-based aid during the academic year may receive institutional financial aid for a maximum of two summer terms, and these two terms need not be consecutive. Summer aid may be a combination of work study, loans, and grant funds. If you are receiving need-based aid during the academic year, no separate summer financial aid application is required.

Summer at Duke or the Duke Marine Lab


Summer Cost Determination

If you are on financial aid, you may receive institutional aid for up to two summer sessions.

Your Summer Contribution

Determining your summer session contribution is easy: simply multiply your annual parent contribution (displayed in DukeHub) by 25%.

Summer Session I uses the current year's parent contribution, and Summer Session II uses the upcoming year's parent contribution. If you are attending Summer II and don't know the upcoming year's parent contribution yet, you can use this year's parent contribution to give you a rough estimate (assuming your financial circumstances have remained similar).

Example 1: 

  • If the annual parent contribution for the academic year just ending is $10,000, the Summer I contribution would be $2,500.  

Example 2:

  • If the parent contribution for the upcoming year is $12,000, the Summer II contribution would be $3,000.

Your Summer Aid

Summer aid is a mixture of grants, loans, and work study. In 2016, the loan amount for all students was $500 and the work-study award was $450 per summer session. 


  • If your Summer Session I cost is $8,000 and your summer parent contribution is $2,500, you would receive:
    • $500 loan 
    • $450 in work-study eligibility 
    • $4,550 in grant aid