Individual Counseling

Session Types

The First-Time Borrower's Seminar

This seminar is tailored to all first time student loan borrowers.  During this session, you will learn how to limit your borrowing, live on the resources you have, manage the repayment of your loans, and learn about the qualifications to have your federal loans forgiven.

Graduating Exit Loan Counseling

Federal regulations require all federal student loan borrowers to complete an exit loan counseling session prior to graduation. A list of available group sessions can be found at Personal Finance @ Duke. During the counseling session, you will receive information about the loans you have borrowed including the repayment options available to you, your rights and responsibilities, and helpful tips for managing your loan debt.

General Personal Finance/Loan Counseling

Do you have general questions about your loans, including acceptance, repayment, forgiveness, or consolidation?  Or, do you have questions about budgeting, credit scores, or managing your finances?  Meet with one of our counselors to answer questions or concerns you may have about your student loans or personal finance issues.

Individual counseling sessions are conducted daily by the Student Loan Office from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. To schedule an individual counseling session or to check availability,

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