Exit Loan Counseling

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Federal regulations require all federal student loan borrowers to complete an exit loan counseling session and personal reference form prior to graduation, or when the student's enrollment status drops below half-time.  

Upcoming Group Exit Counseling Sessions

Large Group Sessions

Large group presentations will be held for each career. Sessions will last approximately 45 minutes with time allowed at the end for questions.  Registration is required; please choose one of the links below to register:

Undergraduate Students

Friday, April 15, NOON – 1PM, Social Sciences Bldg. room 139

Tuesday, April 19, 6 PM – 7 PM, Social Sciences Bldg. room 139

Thursday, April 28, NOON – 1 PM, Social Sciences Bldg. room 139

Graduate and Professional Students

Thursday, April 21, NOON – 1 PM, Social Sciences Bldg. room 139

Monday, April 25, 5PM – 6 PM, Social Sciences Bldg. room 139


Sessions for all other careers have not yet been scheduled.  Please check back weekly for updated information.


Individual Counseling

Individual exit loan counseling sessions are conducted daily by the Student Loan Office from 8:00am - 4:30pm. The sessions usually take between 45 to 60 minutes. To schedule an individual counseling session or to check availability, please use our appointment calendar.  

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Online Counseling

If you are unable to complete your exit counseling in person, then you may complete it online. You will need to complete an exit counseling session for each type of federal loan you have. Please choose one or more of the following links to complete this requirement.  


Exit Webinar and Packet

If you'd like to learn more about exit counseling and what loan repayment may look like for you after leaving Duke, we encourage you to view our online exit counseling webinar and download our informational packet.  To do so, simply click the links below.