Recommended Lenders

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To find out which loan may be the best for you, we strongly encourage you to use the FastChoice lender comparison tool.  

Recommended Lenders

Lender Website Phone
Citizens One 1-800-721-3969
Discover 1-877-728-3030
PNC 1-800-762-1001
Suntrust 1-800-552-3006
Wells Fargo 1-800-378-5526

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International Student Loans

Prodigy Finance

Web Address:
Available to students in these programs:
·       Fuqua
·       Public Policy
·       Pratt School of Engineering
·       Law
Amount is limited to 80% of cost of attendance, no origination fee.

Global Select

Web address:

  • Available to only to students in The Fuqua School of Business
  • Amount is limited to $100,000 per year, 2% origination fee

Lender Disclosure Statements

Duke University Disclosure Statement

In an effort to make the lender selection process easier for our students and to ensure that students are choosing reliable and stable lenders, the student loan office publishes a list of “Recommended Private Lenders.”   Each year, we carefully review the loan products, financial stability, customer service, and efficiency of the loan process for financial institutions that offer private educational loans.  We then establish a list of recommended lenders for all of our student borrowers, and the same lenders are recommended for graduate and undergraduate students.  Please note that students are not required to use a lender from our recommended lender list, and they are free to select any lender they choose.   

There were three major components to our selection process this year: 

  1. A committee with representation from Duke’s various financial aid offices
  2. A Request for Information (RFI) with questions broad enough in scope to cover all the criteria necessary to ensure our students receive quality loans
  3. A method for objectively analyzing the lender responses.   With these three components in place, we ensured that our selection process was inclusive and impartial.