Living Off Campus & Financial Aid

If you're living off campus, your financial aid will be the same as if you were living on campus in a double room. The big difference to you will be that you won't be charged by Duke for housing (or dining, unless you choose to have a meal plan). This means your bill from Duke will likely go down significantly.

If you'd like to get a sense of how much your bill from Duke could go down, take a look at your past bills and charges from previous semesters, and remove the charges for housing and dining. 

"Will I get a refund?"

You'll receive a refund only if your total credits (for example, from financial aid) exceed your total charges. 

If your financial aid doesn't cover what you owe to Duke, you won't receive a refund, even if you're living off campus. 

If you are receiving a refund because your financial aid is greater than your bill from Duke, keep in mind that we issue this beginning around the first day of class each term. We can't issue these any earlier. If you're anticipating using your financial aid refund to pay for your August and January rent, you may need to make other arrangements.