Housing & Financial Aid

Financial aid covers on-campus housing at "actual cost," which means we increase your grant aid if you have a more expensive on-campus room.

If you're living off campus, your financial aid will be the same as if you were living in an on-campus double room. 

"Will my financial aid cover a more expensive room on campus?"

Yes. If you're receiving need-based grant aid from Duke (Duke grant, an endowment, etc.), your financial aid will increase to cover a more expensive room on campus. This means that your out-of-pocket cost will be the same for a double or single, for example.

If you switch your on-campus housing after late summer, you'll most likely see this adjustment after the end of drop-add.

"I'm living off campus."

Find out how financial aid works for off-campus housing, including whether you might be eligible for a refund.

I'm living off campus