Duke-In & Marine Lab Programs

If you are traveling with a Duke-administered (or "Duke-In") program or to the Duke Marine Lab during the academic year, your cost will remain the same as a semester on campus, even if your program is more expensive.

There's no separate application for financial aid for these programs. Once you commit to your program, we'll automatically adjust your financial aid.

For students receiving need-based aid, work study is replaced with grant funding when you travel with a program through the Global Education Office. Students attending the Duke Marine Lab will remain eligible to work and your work-study eligibility will not change.

Your program cost (also called your "budget") includes both billed expenses (tuition, fees, etc.), and out-of-pocket expenses (books & supplies, necessary visas & vaccinations, roundtrip airfare, and other personal and miscellaneous expenses). For students traveling with programs through the Global Education Office, your program budget information will be provided to us by the Global Education Office.

Budgets for the Duke Marine Lab will be issued by the Marine Lab representative and sent directly to the Financial Aid Office.  In the case of both the Global Education programs and the Marine Lab, you can always check your budget and financial aid via your DukeHub account.

We'll update your aid information as soon as the Registrar's office notifies us that you've been approved to study away. This means you'll need to complete all your Marine Lab or Global Education application requirements (including your application, surveys, questionnaires, and any other requested materials) before we can adjust your aid. We'll send you an email once your aid has been updated. 

Term AwayAid Updated Beginning In
Fall 2024 Global Ed Programsearly June 2024
Spring 2025 Global Ed ProgramsNovember 2024

Your aid is first applied to your billed costs (tuition, fees, etc.). If your aid is more than your bill, we will send you an email with instructions about how to receive your funding (see also "How do I get my refund?" below). If your aid is less than your bill, your pre-departure and out-of-pocket expenses should be paid from your expected family contribution.

First, make sure you've set up direct deposit to have your refund deposited directly into your bank account. You can learn more about setting up direct deposit with the Bursar here. If you are eligible for a refund to help pay for advanced out-of-pocket expenses like airfare and visas, the Financial Aid Office will send you an "Advanced Disbursement" form. This form is automatically sent via DukeHub to you from the Financial Aid Office once the following are true:

  • You've completed all paperwork for the Global Education Office or Marine Lab
  • You've committed to a Duke-In Global Education or Marine Lab Program
  • Your financial aid application is complete and you don't have any outstanding financial aid to-do items
  • Your grants and loans significantly exceed the amount of your bill

If you voluntarily cancel your study away or are withdrawn involuntarily due to disciplinary probation, suspension, or violation of the Duke Community Standard, you are responsible for the payment of fees according to the schedule posted on the Global Education Website.

Examples of Duke-In Financial Aid


Comparison of Costs

Example: Cost of a Typical Semester at Duke Example: Sample Cost of a Duke-In Program 
Tuition, fees, housing, and food: $42,619Tuition, fees, housing, and food:$33,025
Books, supplies, personal, and all other expenses: $2,196Books, supplies, personal, and all other expenses:$4,530
  Estimated airfare:$1,800
Total Duke Semester Cost of Attendance:$44,815Total Global Education Cost of Attendance: $39,355


Comparison of Aid

Example: Aid for a Semester On Campus (Sample Contribution of $12,500)  Example: Aid for a Semester Abroad (Sample Contribution of $12,500) 
Loan:$2,500Loan: $2,500
Work Study:$1,100Work Study:$0 
Duke Need-Based Grant Aid:$28,715Duke Need-Based Grant Aid:$24,355
Total Aid:$32,315Total Aid:$26,855


Please note that the aid has been reduced by the difference between the total costs of the two programs.