Time Away from Duke

Are you considering taking time away from Duke for a medical leave, personal leave, or other reasons? Learn more about how time away from Duke affects your financial aid below.

You can also visit the Time Away Office website for helpful information about all the resources Duke provides to make your leave and return processes as smooth as possible.

Visit the Time Away Office website

All students have up to eight semesters of financial aid eligibility*, and these semesters don't have to be consecutive. If you need to take time away from Duke, we'll be happy to help you with your financial aid application when you return. 

If you might require more than eight semesters of financial aid in order to graduate with your primary degree, contact your financial aid counselor to ask about next steps.

*The number of terms of aid eligibility for students transferring to Duke is based on up to eight academic terms less the amount of academic credit granted by the University. For instance, a student transferring in as a sophomore would have six semesters, a junior would have four semesters, etc. This policy will allow all transfer students the necessary number of terms of aid eligibility for their degree completion.

You'll need to apply for financial aid for the year in which you'll return. This includes filling out the FAFSA and College Board Profile and checking your DukeHub to-dos to see if we request any additional information. We also encourage you to reach out to your financial aid counselor to let them know you'll be returning, so they can help you make sure you've completed all the necessary steps.

Once we've received your complete financial aid application, we'll process it as usual, and you'll be able to see your financial aid offer in DukeHub. 

The Time Away Office also has a return checklist to address all of your questions related to returning to Duke.

Please note that our office does not place registration holds on accounts and cannot authorize their removal. However, we are more than happy to help with concerns paying the balance. Please contact our office for assistance. If you are looking to pay your balance or set up a payment plan please contact the Bursar's Office. 

If you deferred your matriculation, Admissions (rather than the Time Away Office) will be the best resource for your questions.

We will have your updated financial aid offer available for you to view in DukeHub in late March or April of the year in which you will matriculate (provided you have completed your financial aid application). If you have questions about your financial aid, please let us know.