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When it comes to paying for college, there are lots of resources that can help. We've compiled some of the best information here, but if you still can't find what your looking for, check out our answers to common questions or contact us.

Help with Your Family Contribution

There are several ways to meet your expected family contribution. We recommend considering these first:


Step one

Consider starting with a one-time payment

Figure out what (if any) savings or investments you plan to use for college expenses.  Any up-front costs you can cover will lower your monthly payments and reduce your total borrowing costs.

Step two

Set up a monthly payment plan

Determine what you can contribute from wages and salary each month for 10 months (July through April). You can place this amount on our monthly payment plan through Tuition Management Systems.  To learn more, click here.

Step three

Investigate your loan options

You may be able to borrow the amount you aren't able to cover through a one-time payment or the monthly payment plan. We have information on the best loan options for parents and students here.

For more information on other sources that might help, follow the link below.

Learn About Other Sources of Aid


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How-to Information and Videos

Need help completing your application, understanding how aid works, or making the most of the opportunities available? This section includes links, videos, and information that are sure to help.

Applying for Aid

FAFSA Completion Video


About Duke Financial Aid

Message from the Director

How Duke Does Aid

Making the Most of Duke

Duke offers a world of opportunities for undergraduates. With more than 50 million ways to navigate the curriculum, Duke offers incredible academic freedom and a wealth of student services. Programs like Duke Engage, Bass Connections, and Global Education allow students to pursue their interests without limit. Need-based grant aid recipients receive support to cover all course fees, travel expenses, and other costs associated with our programs to ensure that finances never come between a student and his or her academic needs.

The videos below are only two examples of ways students are supported here at Duke, and additional content will be added regularly.


Duke Engage

Financial Aid Bulletins

The Financial Aid Office regularly issues newsletters detailing important information related to finances, payments, and financial aid.  Enrolled undergraduates are automatically signed up to receive this newsletter, but if you'd like to be added to our listserv, please let us know.

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