Pay Your Bill

Interested in options for paying your bill? This page is designed to help guide you through the basics of making payments, applying your financial aid to your bill, and meeting your payment deadlines. For complete information on your student account:

Visit the Student Accounts website here

Payment Methods

There are many ways to pay your educational costs, and the links below provide helpful information on the most common methods for payment.  Please note that credit or debit cards cannot be used to make payment on tuition and fees.  If you'd like more information on payment policies, you can also:

Visit the Student Accounts website here.

Payment Deadlines

Tuition and fees are due before the start of each term, at the beginning of January and August. Please see the Bursar website for more specific billing information.

Bills for your student account are prepared on a regular basis and made available to you electronically on DukeHub.  You will receive an e-mail each time a new e-bill is ready for you to review on DukeHub. You can find a detailed billing schedule on the Bursar website.

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For complete cost information, graduate and professional students should visit their program's website.  Undergraduate information for tuition and fees is available on the Bursar website.

Due to recent changes to N.C. State Law, student meal plan purchases are subject to 7.5% sales tax. This will be billed as a separate line item based upon your meal plan amount. Please refer to the Student Affairs website for more information on this new law and how it impacts you.

Please note that on your Bursar bill you may see charges in addition to the standard tuition, housing, and fee charges. These may include charges based on registration (ex: athletics and music course fees), penalty charges/fines (late registration or payment penalties, library fines, parking violations), and other charges authorized/incurred by the student (parking permit, FLEX account deposits, additional dining plan charges).

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