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Finalized aid offers will be released on June 24th for students who have completed their To-Do lists in DukeHub. 


Regular decision students will receive aid offers based on the CSS Profile aid application.  All citizens and eligible noncitizens should file the FAFSA to receive all the aid included in their initial offer.  

Returning students will receive finalized aid offers in June based on their FAFSA and CSS Profile results.

What's the Impact of the FAFSA Delay for Duke Students and Applicants?

Duke will be taking a unique approach to processing aid for regular decision applicants this year. While the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) results won't be available to schools until sometime in March and the weeks following, Duke is committed to helping students enroll with confidence. 

Duke will use the CSS Profile to issue aid offers at the same time as the offer of admission for regular decision students. Applicants should complete the CSS Profile for 2024-25 and submit all requested tax documents (if any). Applicants should also file a FAFSA, and we will update aid later this summer with the sources of the total grants and scholarships offered to admitted students. If you don’t qualify for federal or state aid based on the FAFSA, we’ll still honor the total grants and scholarships listed on the initial aid offer.

Returning students should file the FAFSA and CSS Profile as they would in a typical year, and we'll provide your aid offer in June.

What’s the Next Step for Students?

File the CSS Profile and submit all requested documents. You should also complete the FAFSA now, and if you receive an error message that doesn't enable you to submit the FAFSA, rest assured we understand and will work with you until the Department of Education resolves the known issues with the federal application.

Current students should watch for updates and details to be delivered directly to your Duke email and/or your DukeHub message center later this spring.

For those seeking additional information and ongoing updates on the FAFSA, the Federal Student Aid website will be a valuable resource here.

Need Assistance?

We recognize that the changes with the FAFSA application may raise questions or concerns. We are here for you. If you have any questions or need assistance throughout this process, please don’t hesitate to reach out directly to the Office of Financial Aid.

Still Confused? You're not alone! Here's some FAQs and Resources

Missing the priority deadline won't reduce your financial aid eligibility. We understand that unexpected issues may arise during the FAFSA submission process, particularly given the challenges with the current FAFSA in 2024. Submitting your documents ensures we can process your information in a timely way once received, but we understand this is a challenging year.

Be sure to complete all other checklist items in your applicant portal or in DukeHub as soon as they are posted to ensure we can process your aid. This will help expedite your 2024-25 financial aid, allowing you to receive it at the earliest possible time. 

The first step is to create a account. You can do this on FAFSA® Application | Federal Student Aid. You can also review the step-by-step instructions at by following this link.

 It depends. If you have been issued a SSN then you must provide it upon applying. If you do not have a SSN please follow these instructions provided by Federal Student Aid to submit the application. If you still need to apply for an SSN then you may do so by contacting your local Social Security Office. 

While specific document requirements may vary by family circumstance you can view the 6 major items at 6 Things Students Need Before They Fill Out the 2024–25 FAFSA® Form – Federal Student Aid

Returning students may notice a delayed request for the FAFSA however, the process is standard. Please keep an eye out on your DukeHub for any additional requests from our office regarding 2024-2025 and be sure to complete the CSS Profile if interested in institutional aid. In light of the recent changes we will be providing leniency on the deadline to submitting the FAFSA.

 This is a new term from the Federal Student Aid office describing a dependent student's biological/adoptive parent or legal guardian. You can see the infographic below for deciding who counts in your personal situation. 

Diagram explaining how to determine if a parent counts as a contributor.

You can find more guidance along with a web reader compatible diagram at Reporting Parent Information | Federal Student Aid

We understand the challenges you may be facing when completing your FAFSA this year. Should you have technical issues, you can review the running list of open and resolved issues

If you have discovered a new issue, you can check out the Help Center for common questions, articles and contact information for the FSA Support Team.

We want to thank you for completing the simplified FAFSA! Unfortunately, the federal government is experiencing a backlog for processing applications and sending them to schools. In addition, there are still outstanding errors with FAFSA results that the Department of Education is working to correct. Once the Department shares accurate information with us, we will process the application and issue detailed aid offers this summer.

Check out these helpful videos from Federal Student Aid