Loans in the Aid Offer (for Undergraduate Students)

Depending on your family's total income, you may have loans included in your financial aid offer in addition to work study and grant aid. Read on this page to learn how these are calculated and who the lender is. If you're interested in additional loans or have questions about student loans, click the button below.

An in-depth look at loans

"How did you decide the amount of loans in my aid offer?"

The amount of loans we include in your initial aid offer is based on your family's total income. (Keep in mind that "total income" is part of our formula, and it may not correspond exactly to the income on your taxes because we consider untaxed income in our formula as well.)

Most students have a $5,000 loan included in their initial aid offer.




Total IncomeLoan 
under $40,000$0
$40,001 to $55,000$2,000
$55,001 to $70,000$3,000
$70,001 to $85,000$4,000
Over $85,000$5,000

"Who is the lender for these loans?"

The loans we include in your aid offer are federal student loans — the federal government is the lender, and they are loans in the student's name.

Federal student loans are usually the best loans a student can take advantage of because the interest rate is relatively low and repayment terms are flexible. If you are eligible for a federal subsidized loan (a loan where the interest is paid for you while you're in school), we will include that in your aid offer. Otherwise, we will include an unsubsidized loan in your aid offer.

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"What if I need more loans?"

Check in with your financial aid counselor to ask if you have additional federal student loan eligibility! Once you've used all your federal student loans, you may want to look into other loan options.

Loans for Undergraduates and Parents