Recommended Lenders

In an effort to make the lender selection process easier for our students and parents, and to ensure that they are choosing reliable and stable lenders, the University publishes a list of “Recommended Private Lenders.”  All recommended Private Lenders' loans are made by the specific lending institution and not the University.

In making our selection, we carefully review the loan products of the lenders, their financial stability, customer service, and efficiency by which they process their loans. You are not required to select a lender from this list, and if you wish to use a different lender, we will process your loan in the same manner without delay.

The University has also established a set of publicly available principles and policies which govern our educational lending practices for undergraduate, graduate and professional students

To find out which private loan may be best for you for studying at Duke or studying abroad, we encourage you to use the ELMSelect lender comparison tool. You can access your ELMSelect tool by clicking on the links below that relate to your program here at Duke.

Please choose the option below that best describes your citizenship status for borrowing:

US Citizen or a Non-US Citizen with US Co-Signer


Loans for undergraduate students in Trinity, Pratt, Health Informatics, ABSN and Allied Health Certificate programs

Graduate & Professional

Loans for Graduate & Professional students

Graduate Health Professions

Loans for students enrolled in the School of Medicine, Allied Health, or the Graduate Nursing program

Refinance & Consolidation 

Loans for student loan borrowers who are interested in consolidating or refinancing existing student loans


Loans for parents of undergraduate students

Bar Exam

Loans for Law school graduates who are preparing for the Bar Exam

Medical Residency

Loans for Medical school graduates who are working on their residency requirement


Non-US Citizen without US Co-Signer

International Students

Loans for Graduate & Professional students enrolled in Fuqua, Public Policy, Law or Graduate Engineering, who are not citizens of the US.
Please choose your program from the list below, and you will be taken to the corresponding lender list on ELMSelect.

When you are choosing a lender, there are several things to consider. A few of those include:

  • The amount that can be borrowed
  • Interest rates
  • Origination fees
  • Repayment options

As interest rates may fluctuate, influencing the pricing of a loan, it may be advantageous for borrowers to apply for student loans as soon as they can to possibly secure favorable interest rates as determined by the lender.


Below are the Lender borrowing limits for the Fuqua School of Business Programs for Academic Year 2022-2023. 

Please note - Students attending online degree programs are ineligible to apply for no-cosigner student loans

Loan ProgramAnnual Total
(Maximum Loan)

Aggregate Program Total
(Maximum Loan)

Prodigy International Loan Programme1100% COA100% COA
Discover® Custom Graduate Loan2

Daytime: up to $130,571

Accel Daytime: up to $130,571

Weekend: up to $166,439

Global Executive: up to $167,856

MMS:FOB: up to $121,397

MQM:BA: up to $129,486

Daytime: up to $261,141

Accel Daytime: up to $130,571

Weekend: up to $166,439

Global Executive: up to $167,856

MMS:FOB: up to $121,397

MQM:BA: up to $129,486

MPOWER Private Loan$25,000$50,000

COA = Cost of Attendance

1Fuqua students enrolled in the MMS:DKU program are only eligible for a loan from Prodigy and only if they are not citizens of China or the U.S. 

2Please be advised, to be eligible for the Discover Custom Graduate Loan, you must be residing in the United States during your program studies. The Global Executive Program is an exception to this requirement. Aggregate loan limits apply. These loans are made by Discover Bank®, not by Duke University's Fuqua School of Business.