Merit Scholarships

All students are automatically considered for merit scholarships upon matriculation  to Duke. There's no separate application for merit scholarships generally. The two exceptions are the Robertson Scholarship and Nakayama Scholarship.

Our office (The Karsh Office of Undergraduate Financial Support) offers only need-based aid. Merit scholars are selected by the Office of University Scholars and Fellows.

I'm a current Duke merit scholar

"How will I know if I received a merit scholarship?"

Matriculated students who are finalists for merit scholarships will be notified in early May. 

Currently enrolled students are not eligible for merit scholarship consideration with the exception of the Robertson Scholarship, which may accept students during their first year at Duke, and the Nakayama Scholarship, which is awarded to rising seniors.

The Office of University Scholars and Fellows (OUSF) is responsible for the selection of merit scholars. For more information, including a listing and description of Duke merit scholarships, please visit the Office of University Scholars and Fellows.  





Are you a current Duke merit scholar?

If you're a current undergraduate merit scholar at Duke, your aid for items like studying abroad and summer study may work a bit differently. Visit the link below to learn more about how aid works for your situation.

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