Tuition Benefits

Some employers, including Duke University, offer tuition benefit programs for employees and/or their dependents. Tuition benefits replace Duke grant aid dollar for dollar. 

"How will tuition benefits affect my financial aid offer?"

Unlike outside scholarships, tuition benefits replace Duke need-based grant aid dollar for dollar. The parent and student contributions do not change with the addition of tuition benefits, though it is possible for the tuition benefit to exceed a student’s demonstrated need. 

Students who receive need-based, merit, or athletic aid in combination with a tuition benefit may not receive aid in excess of their cost of attendance.

Duke employees with questions about their tuition benefit eligibility or reporting should contact their Human Resources representative.

Below you'll find examples that illustrate how a tuition benefit is added to a financial aid offer.


Below is an example of a need-based financial aid offer with no tuition benefit.

Example 1Offer with no tuition benefit
Tuition Benefit$0
Work Study$2,000
Student Loan$5,000
Need-based Duke Grant$25,000
Total Need-based Aid$32,000


Here is the same financial aid offer with a $20,000 tuition benefit. The need-based Duke grant is reduced by $20,000.

Example 2Same offer, but with $20,000 in tuition benefit
Tuition Benefit$20,000
Work Study$2,000
Student Loan$5,000 
Need-based Duke Grant$5,000
Total Aid$32,000


Here is the same offer, this time with a $40,000 tuition benefit. The need-based Duke grant has been completely replaced.

Example 3Same offer, but with $40,000 in tuition benefit
Tuition Benefit$40,000
Work Study$0*
Student Loan$0
Need-based Duke Grant$0
Total Aid$40,000

*In this example, the work study and loans have been removed, but the student may still have eligibility for them if they would like. The student would just need to contact their financial aid counselor in our office to ask if work study and loans could be added back to the financial aid offer.