2017-2018 Estimated Cost of Attendance (Student Budget)

Tuition & Fees $53,744
Room $8,494
Board $7,006
Books, Supplies, & Personal Expenses** $3,466
Transportation dependent upon home address
Estimated Cost of Attendance* $72,710

Fifty-five percent of students at Duke do not pay the full cost. To find out more about what your cost to attend Duke might be, click the blue button on the right.

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* NOTE:  The Estimated Cost of Attendance (Student Budget) is our best approximation of what each student at Duke will need to cover basic expenses for nine months. The current cost displayed is based on the 2017-2018 academic year. 

**The budget for books represents an estimate for students attending the Trinity College of Arts and Sciences. Students admitted to the Pratt School of Engineering will have an estimated book cost that is $348 higher. This additional expense will be considered when awarding financial aid.