Important Deadlines

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The deadlines for financial aid applications will differ depending on whether you apply through the early or regular decision process. Use the chart below to find out when you'll need to submit your information to Duke, and for a complete list of steps, click here.

Young students

Early Decision Applicants

November 15

• 2017-18 CSS Profile (and Noncustodial Profile) due

• 2017-18 FAFSA due

November 22

• 2015 tax documents for custodial parents and for the student due to the College Board IDOC Service


December 15

• Financial aid estimates provided to students

Student studying

Regular Decision Applicants

February 1

• FAFSACSS Profile, and Noncustodial Profile Applications due

• 2015 Tax and wage documents due to the College Board IDOC service

• Noncustodial parent tax and wage documents due to the Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid


April 1

• Financial aid awards issued to incoming students