Renew Your Aid

Mark your calendar! If you'll be a returning student in the 22-23 school year, please submit your renewal aid application before January 2, 2022.

Renew Your Aid for US Citizens & Permanent Residents


Step 1: File the FAFSA

Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online and have the results sent to Duke.  


Step 2: Complete the CSS PROFILE

Complete the CSS PROFILE. When answering the questions, please use your 2020 information for the 22-23 school year.



Step 3: Keep an Eye on Your To-Do List

After completing the CSS PROFILE, you may receive an email with a link to upload your tax information to the College Board IDOC website.

  • Check your DukeHub To-Do list to find out if you'll need to submit your taxes or other supporting documents to complete your application.  

Be sure to check your to-do items in DukeHub regularly! If our office needs additional documents from you to complete your aid application, we'll list them there. 

Undocumented Students

If you're undocumented, you won't need to file the FAFSA, but you will need to file the CSS Profile. You may also need to submit tax documents (if taxes were filed) and/or income information to the College Board IDOC service. Keep an eye on your to-do list in DukeHub to see if we request any additional documents!

International Students

If you're an international student currently receiving financial aid, you don't need to reapply! Your aid will be renewed automatically each year.

Please note that international applicants must check the financial aid interest box on their original Duke application to receive need-based aid at any point while at Duke. In addition, there are no need-based or merit scholarships available for international transfer students.