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On this page, we share Duke resources that may benefit students in addition to the support our office provides.

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Books and Course Materials

If you are having difficulty with textbook and supply costs associated with your courses, here are some resources for you:

  • Duke Libraries offers textbook rentals through the Top Textbook Program, where you can rent out a textbook for 3 hours at a time. 
  • For course-specific technology needs such as Digital Voice Recorder, HD Video Camera, TI-84 Plus CE, DSLR camera kit, Tripod, Shotgun Mic, iPad Mini 4, a Handheld Projector, or a GoPro, visit the Link and reserve rental equipment.


Food Insecurity

Feed Every Devil Program

How to Apply for SNAP Benefits


Karsh International Funds

These funds are available to current international undergraduates who are receiving need-based financial aid with an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of $25,000 or less.

Please be sure to attend one of the International Information Sessions that are held in the fall and spring semester. Eligible international students will receive an invitation from the Financial Aid Office.

To apply for funding, please complete the Qualtrics survey below.

Karsh International Funds Application


Laptops and Technology

Students with demonstrated high financial need who may have limited access to computers may request assistance in the form of loaner laptops. For new technology assistance requests, please go here


Outside Scholarships

Students receive outside scholarships from a variety of organizations. If you're looking for outside scholarships, please visit our Outside Scholarships page for some helpful tips and resources.

We also have a listing of the outside scholarships we know about available here.


Professional Attire

The Duke Career Center is excited to share some news about a recently launched funding resource for students with financial need.  The Career Center Professional Development Fund provides $250 stipends to undergraduate and graduate students for the purchase of interview or professional attire. Applications are due on the 15th of each month and funds will be awarded throughout the academic year (or until depleted). This funding resource is separate from the Career Center's Internship Funding Program for undergraduate summer experiences. 

Additional information about the Professional Development Fund, including the link to the fund application, can be found on the new Career Hub website.  The application is live so students can begin to apply immediately.  Please feel free to share this information with any students who may be able to benefit.