Health Insurance & Financial Aid

All students at Duke are required to have adequate health insurance. Therefore, all students are automatically charged for the Duke Student Health Insurance (SMIP).

If you don't want the Duke insurance because you already have your own, or if you want Financial Aid to pay for your Duke insurance, you must submit the health insurance waiver request online by Sept. 14! If you don't currently have insurance at all, please see the steps below.

Note: If you're a returning student and you received financial aid for your health insurance last year, you can go ahead and "enroll" each year. Your financial aid offer will automatically include grant aid to cover the cost.

If you currently have any form of non-Duke health insurance, you must submit the waiver request in on the JCB student account site by Sept. 14! If you don't currently have health insurance, you should indicate this when completing the waiver request form.

If your waiver request is APPROVED, your Duke insurance charge will be removed from your bill.

If your waiver request is approved, your Duke insurance charge will be removed. You'll complete this process every year to waive the charge.

Learn more about waiving

If your waiver request is DENIED, we'll cover your Duke insurance charge.

If you're on need-based aid and your waiver request is denied, we'll cover the cost automatically if you complete the steps by the deadline. We'll renew the aid for the charge each year.

Learn more about waiving

"How do I submit the waiver request?"

Please complete the SMIP waiver process through the JCB student account site

DO NOT CLICK ENROLL (unless you are choosing Duke's insurance in addition to your own and are prepared to cover the full cost). If you click "enroll" without completing the waiver process, financial aid will not cover the cost of your insurance.

  1. If you do already have health insurance though a parent or non-Duke third party, select “Submit Waiver Here” to create an account and enter your policy information.    
  2. If you don't already have health insurance, please email insurance@studentaffairs.duke.edu to let them know you're unable to complete the waiver.

If you do not complete the above steps by the deadline published by the Duke Student Health Insurance Office, you will be charged for the plan and the cost cannot be removed.

Additional Health Insurance Information

Contact the Duke Student Health insurance team at insurance@studentaffairs.duke.edu. You can visit their website here.

If you do not have any form of health insurance to report, please email insurance@studentaffairs.duke.edu to inform their office that you are unable to complete the waiver.


We need the official denial of your waiver request in order to provide you the additional financial aid. Please go ahead and fill out the waiver request in DukeHub.


All domestic students (US citizens, permanent residents, and undocumented students) who want financial aid to cover their health insurance charge must submit the waiver request. (International students receiving need-based aid automatically receive grant aid for their health insurance charge.)

If your waiver was APPROVED, then yes, you need to resubmit the request every year. You must show proof each year that you continue to have health insurance that meets the requirements of Duke Student Health.

If your waiver was DENIED and financial aid covered the cost for you, you don't need to continue to submit the waiver in future years. We assume you still need the Duke insurance, and we'll continue to pay for it for you as long as you're on financial aid.