Associate Vice Provost & Director


As a part of Duke’s financial aid office for more than twelve years, Miranda McCall has spent a career focusing on financial aid policy development and partnering with national colleagues to develop best practices in aid administration. McCall has served as faculty for the Financial Aid Institute, is the methodology chair for the College Board’s Financial Aid Standards and Services Advisory Committee and works as a Standards of Excellence reviewer for the National Association of Financial Aid Administrators.

McCall approaches the role of Assistant Vice Provost and Director not only as an administrator but also as someone whose life has been personally changed by the impact of generous financial aid.  In their words, “I do this work because I know what it is to have an institution invest in a student’s future and introduce them to a world wholly out of reach without assistance. And I bring that perspective into each decision I make and opportunity I pursue. In my approach to working with students and families, I stress that we are counselors and not officers—matchmakers and not gatekeepers. Our task is to evaluate students’ needs equitably and counsel empathetically.” This orientation is an integral part of McCall's approach to financial aid and Duke’s continuing commitment to an aid program that provides opportunity and access to every admitted student.