Grant Aid

Grant aid is money you don't have to pay back.

Grant aid can come from different sources. For Duke students, the two most common sources are institutional grants from Duke and federal or state grants from the government.

All the grants our office provides are based on need, which means you receive them because of your family's financial situation. When you submit a financial aid application, we review your circumstances to provide you all the grants we can. We review your application for both Duke grants and federal/state grants, so there's no separate application for the two types.

"Why was my Duke grant aid replaced by a scholarship in someone's name?"

Part of our funding comes from donated endowments, and often we are able to swap out aid in your award with the name "Duke Grant" and replace it with aid from a named endowment. We make these swaps dollar for dollar, so students with endowments don't receive additional aid, but you may see your "Duke Grant" replaced by a named scholarship.

We are thrilled to have the support of these endowments, so if you see one in your financial aid, please write a thank-you note. Our donors are invested in your success and love to hear about it.

"How can I receive more grant aid?"

All aid from our office is based on need, so the amount of grant aid you have in your financial aid offer depends on the financial circumstances you shared when you filled out the FAFSA and Profile. 

We understand that circumstances change, however, and that there may be factors affecting your family's ability to pay that you didn't share in your original aid application. 

In order to be considered for additional grant aid, please submit an appeal. 

Learn more about appeals